I am thrilled to be participating in an ArtWalk event for the 2nd month, with Atelier de SoSi. Atelier de SoSi is a newish art venue in the community and I am a newish working artist and it has turned out to be such a fantastic partnership. I was introduced to Atelier de SoSi last month by Jennifer Kosharek, any established artisto in the St.Pete Art Community (I am super appreciative!) It is so wonderful when artists support other artists!! When Atelier de SoSi asked me to stay for a second month, I had already started working on a paper installation and it got me thinking about how I could say thank you, in a small way, to the fantastic art community in this city I love so much! St.Pete is known for its awesome murals and mural culture. It is very common place for tourists and locals alike to post their wonderful selfies in front of our colorful murals. The artists truly appreciate it, but when you post those photos, do you tag the artist? Do you tag the art venue or business hosting the art? ...and it’s not just murals! Did you post a photo of yourself in your new handmade earrings, purchased at an art center or small boutique? Crediting and supporting the artist and art venue is unbelievably important for the growth and sustainability of the arts in our community! It has been increasingly true, but even more so in the last year, that artists are doing the majority of their business on online platforms. Online exposure is pivotal in their success. This is equally true for venues that are supporting art and these artists. This also goes for businesses that are choosing to add art by local artists to their business. The more exposure businesses get for supporting the arts the more inclined they will be to continue doing it. So, I had the idea to connect my paper installation “The Amplify Wall” that I am creating for ArtWalk and link it to a social media campaign to educate! Let’s Amplify St.Pete Artists and Art Venues, by remembering to tag both the artist and venue in your posts of local art! Come by March 13, 2021 for ArtWalk and snap a photo with the wall and grab a sticker and let’s Amplify St.Pete Art!